Monday, May 6, 2013

Who could ask for anything more?

I had a thought during Relief Society and it has been weighing on me all day. So I decided to write it down in a way that would allow me to focus and spend some time with it.

Yesterday’s lesson was on relationships. I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships lately. About six months ago, I decided to try something.  I had been thinking about my interpersonal relationships and I decided that I wanted to take some steps to enhance the quality of them. I wanted to make friends with people who had been acquaintances. I wanted to turn strangers into loved ones. And I wanted to know and love my existing loved ones more.

I set out trying to be friendlier to people. I tried to reach out and stretched myself a bit out of my comfort zone. Something remarkable happened: I started making friends! It was wonderful.

The objective of this goal was to meet people and make more friends. I was primarily motivated by a desire to strengthen my own social circle. But along the way, an interesting byproduct occurred. As I was working on enhancing my relationships with others, I started to unconsciously work to strengthen my relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus. This was not what I had set out to do. I am coming to realize that my enhanced relationships have brought me closer to the Godhead.

I believe this is because the people who have come into my life inspire me.  They are transparent enough that I can see the light of Christ through them! In my interactions with people who I have come to know and love, I have noted the many gifts they have offered me. I spend much time focusing on what I have to offer the world, but I have been a recipient of many people’s offerings, especially these past few months. Relationships are important not just because we have something to offer the world, but also because there are valuable tools we must receive from others in our world.

I am grateful to have spent some time working on my interpersonal relationships. I never thought that by doing so, these people would inspire me to higher levels of greatness. I never thought that I would grow closer to God by coming to know more of His children. Now that I think about it, it seems so obvious. All I wanted six months ago was a more interesting social life. Now I have that plus a greater connection with deity.  What more could a girl ask for?   

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Carly Zeugschmidt said...

Laura you couldn't have worded this more perfectly. I completely agree with the things you have posted and have had a similar experience as well! I love you and your personality so much... I am really grateful to call you a friend ♥ Carly