Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm turning 30

Well, not today. But soon. I have exactly 18 months before the big 3-0 and I don’t know what to do with myself. Where exactly did the last 10 years go!? I have no idea. I wonder if we will ever really know those things.

Today I want to speak with you all about resolutions. My resolutions, to be exact. I want to speak with you about the fact that my new years resolutions have largely gone down the toilet thus far this year.

I blame my new job and my inability to focus on anything but said new job on this downfall. I did well on my resolutions for about a month, then I started my new job and moved and have not really had the motivation to work on my resolutions since then. This whole “working full time” thing is for the birds, I tell you. I keep waiting for someone to call me up and tell me they want to pay me money to just hang out around the office and color with my markers. But for some reason, that doesn’t seem to happen. So until then, I guess I will work a real job. Humph. Oh well.

So January 23, 2012 was my Chinese New Years Resolution date. April 15, 2012 is becoming my New-Chinese New Years Resolution date. As of today, I am recommitting myself to these suckers, and by golly; I’m going to accomplish them. No job stress will get in my way any longer.

I’m presenting my resolutions to the blogging world for your sustaining vote: Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Watch all 9 sessions of General Conference live (Already partially failed at this one, but that is what repentence is for)

2. Run a race for charity (I do have a couple in mind)

3. Train for a ½ marathon (SO I haven’t started yet, but I did buy the book)

4. Compete in two triathlons (I may have run out of time on this one)

5. Go to the dentist (I now have dental insurance, which is a step in the right direction)

6. Talk to 4-5 (non-work-related) strangers a day (I need to develop a tracking system for this one... any ideas?)

7. Volunteer 3-4 hours a month (Training starts tomorrow! Whoopee!!)

8. Write something for 250 words a day (I did good on this one for awhile; time to get back on track)

9. Exercise 3 hours a week (It’s too hot!!! I need to buy a gym membership!!)

10. Go on a trip to Nashville with Emma (I have my Nashville Savings fund started)

11. Read all of the standard works (This is a particularly lofty goal, but I’m going to do my best)

12. No sugary junk food all year long (Bah!! Miserable failure thus far! I’m starting over tonight… well, maybe tomorrow)

13. No fast food burgers and fries (So far, so good)

14. Pray every night (does it count if I’m half asleep?)

15. No shopping on Sunday (unless the ox is in the mire… whatever that means)

16. No yelling at cars (was probably a more realistic goal before I moved to a place that has this thing called rush hour)

17. No computer in the mornings (not too difficult considering my internet rarely works)

18. Monthly temple attendance (so far, so good)

19. Take guitar lessons (hopefully this fall)

20. Pass an institute class (I moved halfway through the semester, so maybe this next semester)

21. Conquer my fear of the OBGYN (‘nuff said…)

So, there you have it (because of course, you needed to know all that). I hope to turn this blog into a place where I can have some degree of accountability over my goals. Pretty much, I want to change my life. A lot. And since I am 18 months shy of 30, now seems to be a pretty good time to start. Don’t you think?

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JacksGram said...

WoW!!!! So many of your resolutions could/should be mine also! It's ok to revise your goals as needed you know. I think you've done pretty darn well!