Thursday, September 22, 2011


I’ve hit a minor plateau in the triathlon training. To tell the truth, this week I have hit a minor plateau in the experience we call life.

I have gotten behind in my training, behind in my work, behind in school, and behind in my internship.

Pathetic? Yes. Paralyzing? No. In the immortal words of JoDee Messina: Tomorrow’s another day! And I’m thirsty anyway! So bring on the rain.

I am forcing myself to exercise in the morning before class tomorrow. Then I will force myself to pay attention in class (yeah right). Then I will force myself to spend tomorrow evening catching up on my reading for my Differential Diagnosis class.

(I’m sure that all of my readers wish that they were taking a class as intelligent sounding as “Differential Diagnosis.” It’s a pretentious way of saying we read a bunch of random stories that vaguely relate to mental illness and get graded on our note taking skills- I wonder if he gives more points if I take notes in color.)

Tomorrow, I will be back to the productive days of yore! Tomorrow is another day! And the sun will come out tomorrow! Tomorrow there’s a ray of hope! Tomorrow is Friday! Gotta get down on Friday! It’s not hopeless, it’s just Friday, but Sunday’s coming soon!

And now I will stop speaking in cheesy song lyrics, and put myself to bed in the hopes that tomorrow never dies.

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kura2025 said...

So this reminds me of tubing while belting out JoDee Messina. Good times...
Plateaus are not so "good times".