Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sally the Car

This is not my actual car, but a stand-in.

Sally is my wonder car. Unfortunately, Sally has been feeling less than wonderful lately. In April, I found out that Sally had leaks in her radiator. A week later, one of my hospice patients backed into her and left her with a couple of nice gouges in the bumper. I, being the nice car owner that I am, decided to use the insurance payout that the hospice patient got me to pay the remainder of my summer tuition. That same spring, a tree fell down in front of her and knocked out her antannae. In August, my work supervisor broke her door handle.

I have known for several months now that Sally is a hospice patient. That means that she is receiving comfort measures only (including regular oil changes and basic maintenance), and no aggressive treatment (which would include a transmission replacement or something of the like). I have been praying that Sally will simply last through my graduation, which is in 81 days (not that anyone is counting). Alas, it is appearing that Sally the wonder car does not have 81 days of life in her. I'm no mechanic, but she seems to be knocking on death's door.

This puts me into a predicament. I finally, by the skin of my teeth and using every last penny of my savings, paid my tuition for this semester. And now I think I will be having to buy a new car. Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but probably soon.

I'm trying not to be mad at Sally. She has lived a tough life and has had her fair share of challenges. She has been a great friend and companion. And she, like me, is from Utah. So of course we are tough. I'm trying not to be mad at Sally, but she picked an inopportune moment to die. I wish she could have died after tomorrow, so that I can go to presentaion I am doing at my internship. And take my trip to WV that was planned for this weekend. But sometimes people pick bad times to die. Cars do too.

Sally may not be completely dead. I'm still waiting for the official pronouncement. But even if she is not dead, I don't think she has 81 days left. Let us celebrate the life of Sally the Car.

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