Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me…

**For the record, I'm five days late publishing this post. I wrote it three days ago. The unfortunate but accurate side effects of living in a world that does not actually revolve around me include the fact that life as we know it does not stop merely because it is the 27th anniversary of the day of my birth.**

I always have to resist the urge to type “I live in a tree” immediately after tying (or speaking) the words “happy birthday to me.” I have no idea where that urge came from. I’m 27 now. That’s weird. I honestly and truly never thought I’d live past 25. Everything past that seems old. So now I’m old. My internship supervisor kept telling me it was time to say goodbye to my childhood. I suppose she’s right.

Anyway, I was looking back at last year’s posting, and remembering my sentiments from a year ago. Is it just me, or do the years go by quicker with each one? It really doesn’t seem like a full year ago when I was celebrating my birthday by eating sushi with my buddies. Oh, wait, I did that today too. Except something was different from last year. Oh yeah, I live on the other side of the country and the buddies are not quite the same people. Or not at all the same people. Or not really even my buddies, but rather my colleagues. See, I’m old enough to have colleagues. That’s something that 27-year-olds can do.

Anyway, let’s see how life has changed during the past 365 days. Since October 14, 2009, I have:

MOVED ACROSS THE COUNTRY! Oh, wait, you already knew that. I moved from Utah to Virginia/North Carolina. I say VA/NC because although I technically live in Virginia, I spend more waking hours in North Carolina these days. I’m pretty sure of that.

Started a real (i.e.: professional) job as a Social Worker, Good ole Hospice of Memorial Hospital, Martinsville, Virginia. You know, I never really thought that I was interested in Medical Social Work, but I really do love it. I could see myself doing hospice for much of my career. I do like this kind of work. I like the glimpses I get into peoples’ lives and families; particularly at what is arguably the most vulnerable part of their life.

Registered for, trained for, and successfully completed triathlon number two. It wasn’t quite the awe inspiring feat that triathlon number one was, but I’m still proud of myself. And it was in open water! Goal for age 27 is to complete a marathon.

Started my second professional internship at a day treatment center for adolescents with mental health diagnoses. I’m still the new girl there, and I haven’t quite figured out my role. But my Mormon supervisor is leaving me for greener pastures. Tragic. I realized my dream of finding the only Mormon supervisor in all of North Carolina, but she was taken away from me. Why do they tease me like that!?

It’s been a good birthday week. Let’s see, the week started off poorly with a full-out war with a cricket who took up residence in my bedroom (it appears that he, also, has left for greener pastures because I haven’t heard him the last five nights). I think I won the war. Gave him the old “heave hoe.” The birthday week excitement grew when I decided to make cupcakes for everyone and anyone who plays a semi-significant role in my life (read: classmates, co-workers, family, hospice volunteers whose class I didn't end up going to so I ate them instead, and seminary boys who chose not to come to class so I ate their cupcakes instead).

On the actual day of my birth, I got a flu shot and donated blood. Incidentally, I meant to get the flu shot in one arm and get my blood sucked out of the other arm, but I accidentally had them do both on my right arm. This was a problem. The flu shot people tell you to keep your arm as active as possible for the next 24 hours and the blood donation people tell you to limit your movement as much as possible for the next 24 hours. It was quite the conflict of interest, but I made it through those 24 hours and I am still alive, so I think I’ll be okay. In between the flu shot and donating blood, Becky took me out to lunch. I was paranoid about having low iron, so I ate steak for the first time since before the age of 12. It tasted yummy. I don’t know why I don’t eat it more. After the steak and blood incidents, Becky and Adam took me out to dinner, where I refilled the space in my body left by blood with lemonade and chicken and goat cheese. I love goat cheese.

I got a cool book that’s all about me from Becky and Adam, a number of books and DVDs from my mommy. The piece de resistance was this book: The New York Singles Regional Mormon Halloween Dance.

For the Mormon inside everyone.

I actually got it for my birthday last year, read it in half a day, and then lost it when I moved across the country. My mom forgot she got it for me, so she got it for me again this year. In paperback! If you’re not opposed to 9 F-words, you really should read this book. PS: It’s not a “Mormon book” so much as it is a memoir by a very funny woman who happens to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The highlight of my weekend was going to class on Friday and getting a higher than expected grade on a harder than expected exam, and a rare compliment from a professor. I forget how much I tend to eat up positive reinforcement. It made me think that I could actually succeed as a social worker. (Then I went into my supervision meeting at my internship on Monday and was reminded how much further I have to go.)

Saturday I got to go to this place for the first time in six months:

It was lovely, as usual. I miss being able to go every week. Then my final birthday celebration involved roller-skating (with actual roller skates, not in-line) for the first time since I was very young. See, I am actually accustomed to roller blading and ice skating, but I haven’t used roller skates in forever, and for the record, they are much harder than roller blades are. Much harder.

Anyway, happy birthday to me. I live in a tree. I wish I had taken more pictures, but alas, I did not. You’ll just have to let my words paint the pictures for you.

Have a nice day. And happy birthday to me. Here's to another 365 days.

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Lolee said...

Now I am not only stalking your blog, I am leaving comments! Happy birthday to you!! Libras rock! p.s.- you don't really leave your childhood behind until you are 30. Enjoy the next 3 years!!